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Can a Scallop Produce A Pearl?

Fri, Mar 29, 2019 | Pearl Blog

Can a scallop produce a pearl? Oh, yes it can!! But do not expect to find a full scallop pearl necklace. These are not common occurrences!

I got to see my first scallop pearl in Hong Kong in March, 2019! So, this feels like a very timely question from Mark in Australia! Bert Ternat from Conch Pearls gracefully showed me a scallop pearl and some other very interesting pearls in his collection. And I was shocked, too! A scallop... produce a pearl!?! Bert was so kind to tell me more!
So, yes scallops can produce pearls. And the cool thing is, the pigmentation is very interesting! Their color may vary depending upon where the scallop comes from. Which is very like scallop shells which, too, can vary in color.
In this case, the color varies between its origin. Whether it is from the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, the colors can vary from white to dark brown. And the most valuable color? Purple! See the attached picture of a very beautiful and very valuable scallop pearl!
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