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We want you to have what you want! Large pearl drop earrings without the hassle of a stud and an earring back. Slip these in your ears and be out the door in seconds. And don’t worry, you don’t have to go far. Lunch with friends, a trip to the grocery store or even your drive across town to the cheaper gas station (because we will always drive far for a good deal!). The point is, you can look good doing just about anything. These earrings are not too dressy and they certainly aren’t too casual. They are the perfect baubles for wherever your day takes you.

When I found these large teardrop pearls I knew they  would be perfect as simple drop dangles. We created these earrings and have gotten a fantastic response to both the beautiful pearls and these ease of the earrings. Who knew something so simple could capture such an amazing response? Just kidding! We knew it! Earrings like this are a perfect addition to your pearl collection because sometimes we need our jewelry to work for us. Life is too busy to struggle for the “right look.” These Pearl Drop Earrings are large enough to be noticeable and easy to match with your other jewelry pieces (pearl and non-pearl alike).

These pearl drops are, on average, 11mm wide and 12-13mm from top to bottom. Enjoy!

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14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, Gold Fill, Sterling Silver

Pearl Color

champagne, chocolate, Peacock, White


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