Leaf Pearl Earrings

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FLASH SALE!! We are closing out this design!

We have Fall-en is love with our new Leaf Pearl designs! Get it? Fall-en? Dana was so inspired by the beautiful colors outside that she created this design for Autumn. But, seriously, these earrings are so stunning! Forget about just wearing them for Fall, I would flaunt these beauties all year long!! Are you interested in the matching necklace? See the Leaf Pearl Necklace here…

These earrings are currently available in Sterling Silver or just a few in 14K gold fill. Our precious leaf in these Leaf Pearl Earrings is 1 1/4 inch long so yes, the earrings are long. Once we add the Medium 7mm pearl and the top of the french hook, the total length of the earrings is 2 1/4 inches long. I know many of you prefer shorter earrings but these are really a perfect length. They actually remind me of of 2 1/4 inch heel… just enough to wear all night long without getting tired!

Speaking of heels, someone needs to take you out in these beautiful earrings. Grab a friend or a hot date and show off your Pearly Pearls!! Go, Pearl Girl!

As you know, we create all our designs and all of our jewelry at our home-base in Athens, GA. We have a staff of amazing women. There are nine of us right now… soon we will be in the double digits! We love, love, love providing jobs to women in our area. An added perk is that the women that work with us are super creative and inspired! Dana came up with this design and collaborated with Abby to make it happen. And the result is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy our new Leaf Pearl Earrings. Don’t forget to check out the necklace.

And, most importantly, don’t forget home much your support truly means to us. Thank you!

*Due to the unique designs, please allow us a few extra days to make these for you! *




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