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Product Description

Y'all know I love my button studs and I love my round studs... when add a new favorite to my pearl earrings mix... these "Wear Me Everyday" Mabe Stud Earrings.

So, there I was in Hong Kong earlier this month... seing Mabes everywhere! What is a mabe, you say? "Mah-bay" pearls are pearls grown against the inside of the oysters or mollusk shell. So, unlike button pearls that are squashed on the back, these are completely flat on the back. They are grown and then cut from the shell. Meaning, their luster is like that of the inside of a shell... beautiful!

Look at these...

And they are clearly in... I mean, they used to be in. Remember your Mamma in the 80s? Say it with me.... Ma-bay! (psssst... they were fake!)

Alot of ladies rocked these for a while... and most of them were not real pearls! But they were big and bold and pearly looking. Very chic!!

And then, of course, Chanel had the mabe looking buttons...

So, mabe pearls used to be big... and now they are big again although, dare I say, not so, so big. At least in terms of size. Big in popularity, but not so large! I think at 10-11mm, they are JUST RIGHT!

Like these earrings I scored in Hong Kong, slept in nightly, flew back home with and finally took out of my ears a week or so later...

These are 10-11mm mabe stud earrings set in 18K gold with a soft, rubber earring back which makes them very comfortable all day and into the night. And by into the night I mean, good night and good morning, pearls!

So, I love them! How about you? They are $250 so let me know if I can order a pair for you! We can be twins!!



** Give me 4 weeks for these to arrive for you! Thanks!! ** 


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