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When Bigger Isn't Better

Oh, the beauty of this Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace... We have two gorgeous and gorgeously priced necklaces HERE! But, I am super excited about this strand because I am loving this smaller size!

This is another example of a small and black Tahitian pearl necklace. This one is not as perfectly round as our Small and Round Tahitian Necklace. These pearls range from 11mm (the smaller size in the other necklaces), down to 8mm. And, as y'all know from my videos, 8mm is not a very typical size in Tahitian pearls. So, this is a unique strand and perfect for the of you who prefer the color of Tahitians but also prefer to go smaller.

Another interesting feature of this necklace is the circled pearls. This is the circle like formation on the surface of the pearls. Most of the Tahitians we have carried in the past are circled. This is another design feature for pearls and happens during the formation of the pearl.

This necklace is a perfect display of the extraordinary colors of Tahitian pearls. The color range is more on the silver end and layered with colors and tones ranging from black to silver to green and mauve. They shine from within with a soft glow and presence. They are radiant. Just like you!!

This specific strand is silver with some silvery blue tones. It is 18" long and finished with a stardust clasp with compliments the silver tones extremely well!!

Only One Available

Hand knotted on black silk and created with love in Athens, GA. This necklaces features 8-11mm Tahitian black pearls. Their surface is circled.

We are so appreciative to have been featured in Southern Living magazine multiple times. As they say at Southern Living,"Whether black, gray, gold, or pink, colored pearls in any form make a luxurious addition to a jewelry collection.  They're our go-to when we want a dramatic look."




The Details:

7-9mm Circled Tahitian Pearls

Knotted on 100% Pure Silk Thread

Sterling Silver Ridged Ball Clasp



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