Product Description

These Pearls on a Wire earrings are crafted with a single Large (9mm) pearl on each earring. Choose between sterling silver or gold fill wire. They are crafted by our artist in residence, Sylvia Dawe who created our beautiful Pearl Rings and Peanut Pearls. As you know if you have bought Sylvia's work before, she is a true artist. She crafts her pieces by hand a custom piece just for you! Because, if you haven't realized already, YOU deserve it!!

Every year I like to launch a little something special after Christmas. I know we have so many Pearl Girls out there who work so hard to make the holidays special for their loved ones. We shop, we cook, we clean. We host, we cook and we clean some more. The day after Christmas becomes such a day of release, of rest, to revel in the good times we created for our friends and family. I like to retreat at the monastery here in Conyers, GA and one early morning service the monks referred to women as an atmosphere in their home. I think about that often; we create a certain atmosphere for our families to come together, to break bread, to enjoy one another and to celebrate the wonders of life together. So, after the holidays, I like to say a universal thank you to women far and wide. Thank you for the love and care you pour into your families and into your friendships. You have truly worked hard to create a loving atmosphere.

These Pearls on a Wire earrings are my gift back to you this year. This is a nod to your greatness with my subtle encouragement to take care of you, too, because you take care of so many. Thank you!

I hope you will treat yourself either to these beautiful new earrings or to something that will recharge your battery, that will celebrate you and all that you do. As we approach the New Year, I hope each of you will be able to find a moment to see yourself for the beautiful woman/mother/daughter/friend/wife anymore that you are. I see you and I see all the wonderful contributions you make to your loved ones. Thank you!

With love and goodness and hope for the New Year,



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