Pearl Ring by Sylvia Dawe - 14k Yellow Gold Fill, Narrow Band

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Pearl Rings are Here!

The Pearl Girls Pearl Ring is here! Hooray! You’ve been asking for a long time, right?! Here it is! Start by selecting your perfect cultured pearl. Do you want a white pearl, pink pearl or a peacock pearl? We will set the pearl of your choice in a pearl cup of 14K gold fill. Then we will add it to a custom designed band. Would you like our narrow band, which measures 3mm in width? Or do you prefer the wide band, which is closer to 6mm in width?

Decisions, Decisions…

How big or small would you like your ring to be? I understand that you may not know your ring size! Pop into a local jewelry store or order a ring sizer online to measure your preferred finger!

Finally, choose what metal you want for your pearl ring. Do you prefer sterling silver or 14K gold fill?

One of A Kind

Through our reknot and repair department, we work to replace a lot of pearls that fall out of rings. Customers bring pearl rings to us from a variety of different jewelry sellers. And what happens if the pearl falls out of their rings? These jewelry chains cannot fix the ring! Most of our customers tell us the only solution is to replace the entire ring. This is because they do not create jewelry in-house like we do at The Pearl Girls. I LOVE that these rings are truly one of a kind creations, crafted specifically for you.


I have wanted to offer Pearl Rings for a long time but I wanted The Pearl Girls rings to be special… not made from a setting that was crafted overseas in a mass factory. Now, sometimes the mass produced jewelry is just fine, I understand. But, for The Pearl Girls rings, I prefer a custom, made to order ring. This way our customers get the exact Pearl Ring they want. And when you are happy, we are happy!

Because we custom create our rings, when my Mother came to shop and wanted a ring to go over her arthritic knuckle, I told her no problem! When customers need extremely small rings, we can accommodate, too. It works well for all of us to create gorgeous jewelry pieces by hand and on demand.

We have options! We have enough options to satisfy every person’s taste.  Do you want a wide band? We’ve got it!! Want a thin band?  It’s yours!  And you can choose from a white, pink, or peacock pearl. The Pearl Girls Ring can dress up your jeans and t-shirt AND be just right for a night out with friends or that special someone. And now, we are excited to announce our pearl rings come with an extra large 12mm pearl. They are so gorgeous!


We in Athens are lucky to have so many artists in our community, and we are especially lucky to know metal artist, Sylvia Dawe, the creator of our new Pearl Ring.  We asked Sylvia to bring us her finest creations using our hand selected gems and we all have fallen in love with her creations! And she, in turn, has fallen in love with our pearls!!  I know you’ll be happy with these custom creations… created specifically for you!

No out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all for you! These bands were not pressed in some factory. These rings are created specifically for you. As with all of our creations, your wish is our command. We love spreading happiness and we want you to know if you want anything changed or altered, we can do it for you!

Our Pearl Ring is made of 14K Gold Fill, or you can choose one with a Sterling Silver band. The delicate cup holding the pearl is made of 14K gold fill. And then there’s the decision of what color pearl to choose; white, pink, or peacock.  I have chosen to wear THREE rings at once, because I couldn’t decide which color I like best!!! Finally, if you would like to go BIG, order the XL white pearl!  am loving this one, too!

Treat your wonderful self! Thanks for being a Pearl Girl!



These are totally custom, made for you rings. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery! Thanks!

*Also* Our newest offering is for you to use your own pearl. Did you have a cherished pair of pearl stud earrings and maybe you lost one? And now you don’t know what to do with your one lone pearl? Now you can send it to us and we can put it in one of our rings for you!! Read more about India’s pearl ring from an earring here….

In the images, you will see the wide band has a slightly different design than the narrow band.


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