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Product Description

If your pearls are excessively dirty, we insist on cleaning them before we reknot and restring them. They will look even better when we are done and they are much easier to work with. This is typically necessary for very well loved and well worn pearls.

We recently reunited a string a pearls for a 99 year old woman. She has had her pearls for 90 years! They needed a good cleaning!

When we clean pearls we refuse to use harsh chemicals or commercial pearl cleaners. We lovingly take the pearls, one by one, lightly brush them in mild soap and water to remove the everyday residue that may have gotten on them over time. We then dry them thorough by a towel and air drying and then we reknot or restring them for you.

This is a loving and long process and one which we are certain you will approve of! Add your pearl cleaning to your reknot or restring today! And please know if your pearls are excessively dirty, we will ahead and add this service to your reknot.

Please know that, at times, pearl cleaning is required by our pearl knotters. If there is excessive dirt, grime, twisted hair, soiled thread or more, our pearl knotters do not feel comfortable restringing pearls without cleaning them first. So, please know there might be a mandatory cleaning fee. Thank you for understanding!




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