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Double Strand Pearl Necklace

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Product Description

Please Note: If you would like your double strand necklace to have a small gap between each strand, you will need order them at least 2" apart. For example, a 16" strand and 18" strand will have a small gap between. Please let us know in your order comments if you would like your double strand to have a gap or for both strands to be touching!

Although I call this a "double strand pearl necklace" it is, of course, a double strand necklace with genuine cultured pearls. A double strand pearl necklace with beautiful pearls sourced from our worldwide pearl travels. A stunning piece, an amazing investment, a life-long partner....

So, maybe I should call it an "exquisitely beautiful cultured pearl necklace". It is an investment...a worthy one. The trend is now that women are no longer satisfied with just one strand of pearls. They want two, maybe more! Since we get so many requests to make this necklace, we decided to make them a bit easier to order. Here, you can see the pricing and the pearl sizes. So, if you want two strands with matching pearls, we can get it done. A strand with smaller pearls surrounded by a larger pearl stand? No problem! We are here to create exactly what you want... exactly what will help you feel like the wonderfully exquisite woman you are. And if you want to chit chat about exactly what you want, feel free to call us!

This double strand necklace will be custom knotted just for you! All of our jewelry is hand-crafted by our highly trained pearl knotters. The journey to knotting pearls with The Pearl Girls is a long one, and most of our pearl knotters train over six months to be able to work at our high standard. Our Head of Production has been knotting pearls for 15 years.  We are also extremely passionate about our craft!

The double strand pearl necklace is exactly that... two strands of genuine cultured pearls. We suggest an inch difference in the two necklace lengths. This allows the strands to lay together without touching. If you want more of a space, feel free to reach out and let us know. I have divided this up so you can choose your pearl size and length for your first strand (the shorter one) and then choose your length and pearl size for your longer strand. Choose your clasp, and voila, you are on your way to a new, amazingly beautiful pearl necklace!

In choosing your clasp, you have the option to choose Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold-Fill. Prefer 14K gold? Check out our Choose Your Clasp listing and add the Double Clasp of your choosing to your cart. Choose 14K Gold Filled to get the look of gold without the price tag!

Any questions, call or email us! info@thepearlgirls.com or 706-850-5296

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