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Product Description

Hooray! The keshis are back! A few weeks ago I taught you about keshi pearls... now look at THIS cute keshi design!

I do not have a model shot for these earrings. Do you know why? The photographer bought them before we finished the photo shoot! They are seriously THAT cute!

The entire earrings are dainty. The silver ball is small, around 2-3mm and the keshi pearls are around 4-5mm. Put together they form a beautiful flower like design with 4 keshi petals. They are set on nickel free sterling silver stud posts. These are easy to wear, gorgeous earrings that are guaranteed to be unlike anything else in your jewelry box!

More On Keshis

Y'all know by now that I love keshis! I wrote a companion piece a few weeks ago called What is a Keshi Pearl? Check it out HERE. A keshi pearl is a cultured pearl formed without a nucleus. They can have a unique, almost ripple like surface. I this this works well in organic designs such as this flower design.

These pearls can range in shapes and sizes but many have a cornflake appearance to them. The pearls I use in the Cute as a Keshi Earrings are thinner and smaller keshis, around 4-5mms. 

keshi pearls like the flashy splashy pearls - the pearl girls

Since this medium is unique, thy are super fun to work with!

The Cute as a Keshi Earrings are so cute!

Enjoy this new design! And, thanks for being a Pearl Girl!




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