Peanut Pearls Necklace by Sylvia Dawe (Copper Peanut, Large Off-Round 9mm Pearls)

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Product Description

Peanut pearls are gorgeous pearls nestled into a copper peanut shell. Choose your chain and number of peanuts and we will custom create this design for you in Athens, GA! These are available for a short time only!

This blast of peanut pearl inspiration came one Autumn Saturday morning while eating boiled peanuts with my boys. I have seen plenty of pea in the pod jewelry and eggs in the nest (we have even made a few of those) but, as a Georgia girl, I started thinking about the wonder of peanuts. They come in so many different sizes and shapes and some shells hold one nut while others can hold five or six. It is pretty marvelous to look closely at the nuts and revel in their beauty and shape. So I starting thinking… what about peanut pearl jewelry?

I called my go to metal artist, Sylvia Dawe and asked if she could help with creating peanut shells. Always the wonderful, creative and enthusiastic artist, Sylvia eventually brought over templates of shells and some actual peanuts for inspiration. What a fun, creative endeavor. She is now our chief of peanut pearls! All hail the chief!

I am now, a month later, excited to share The Pearl Girls Peanut Pearls with you! These feature a metal shell (in copper or silver) and your number of pearls in the Large, Off-Round 9mm size. Choose your number of pearls and if you want your necklace on chain or leather. And Sylvia will make this unique piece just for you! (we do sell just the peanuts, too, for $99)

I opted for two pearls to signify my own two peanuts (my boys!) but I encourage you to choose which number is right for you… maybe your children, fur babies, nieces, nephews or maybe just what feels good for you!

Enjoy! I know you will love your peanut pearls as much as I love mine!



Design notes:

If you want your chain longer than 20″, we can make it! Remember all of The Pearl Girls jewelry is custom created just for YOU at our sweet little cottage on Hawthorne Ave in Athens, GA. Thanks!


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