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Special Note: Please allow up to a week for us to make this limited edition custom necklace. Thank you!

This necklace is called the Roman Pearl Necklace because it reminds us of the simple gold designs of ancient Rome. This beautiful Roman Pearl Necklace needs no other adornments and would look amazing with a long white tunic! It alludes to Juno and her three pearl earrings.... which we also offer! But this three pearl necklace is amazing, too!

In Roman mythology, Juno was the beloved goddess of marriage, worshipped as a wife, mother, and matron.  (according to the website Now I have not read up extensively on Juno but if she really was worshipped as a wife and mother, well count me in as a fan! Juno was also seen as a guardian angel of women. (

This is another fabulous design by resident metal artist and Pearl Girl Sylvia Dawe! A salute to women and beautiful gems and a love of making gorgeous jewelry!

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In The Book of the Pearl: Its History, Art, Science and Industry authors George Frederick Kunz and Charles Hugh Stevenson reference Homer's mention of pearls:

"In three bright drops,
Her glittering gems suspended from her ears." Juno; in the Iliad, XIV, 183:

Juno and Jupiter by James Barry

Juno and Jupiter by James Barry

And in the Odyssey, XVIII, 298:"Earrings bright with triple drops that cast a trembling light."

We know you will love this brilliant design created in 14K gold fill. This is a limited edition piece by Sylvia Dawe and The Pearl Girls.

Enjoy! I am currently LOVING them while exploring the pearl farm in Fiji!



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