Cultured Pearl Heart Earrings

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Product Description

Gorgeous earrings to go with our gorgeous necklace!

It is always easy to say "I Love You," with the gift of cultured pearls but with our new, gorgeous earrings, the conversation just got a whole lot easier. I probably do not even need to tell you that our Cultured Pearl Heart Necklace is one of our most popular pieces. The necklace features 4mm pearls woven into a heart shaped design. In the earrings, we used even smaller 3mm pearls to create slightly smaller cultured pearl hearts. We have attached these sweet pearls to sterling silver hooks. Do you prefer gold? Choose 14K Yellow or White!

So, who is this heart perfect for? Well, anyone you love (and we hope you include yourself in that list!). When we opened the new Pearl Girls office and showroom and I wanted to give my Mamma a gift to thank her for her hard work and help with the kids during this busy, busy time. This cultured pearl heart is a perfect thank you! For a romantic gift to your girlfriend or wife... this heart is a great sentimental gift! Birthday girls shine in these beautiful pearl heart earrings. Women young and old can wear these with pride and cherish it and the person who gave it to them.

We know you will love these as much as we do!



P.S. I wear my heart necklace daily (and I usually sleep in it, too!) Well, I took it off the other day to try on some new designs and I forgot to put it back on and I actually left it at work. The next morning my son gasped, "Mamma, your heart... it's missing!!!" He was so shocked to see me without it! So, I quickly got to work to put it on again. Even if you aren't a person who is usually drawn to wearing hearts, I think you will love these earrings! Cant wait to wear them with my heart necklace! What will my boys think of me then?!


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