Silver Pearl Necklace

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Product Description

Back in stock!!! We just received a beautiful array of these gorgeous silver / grey pearls, grab them while we have them!

Look at this amazing silver pearl necklace by The Pearl Girls!! Featuring gorgeous cultured pearls! These beauties are a silvery grey with overtones of lavender and blue and are shining bright with their high luster!

You may have read my origin story... The Pearl Girls started in 2006 on a big trip through Asia where I bought pearls for myself, friends and family, and, ultimately for my customers. But, there is something I have never told you... what I bought for myself!

Here I was, a 29 year old woman, who only owned the pearls my Dad had given me when I was 8! What did I decide to buy? (drumroll please...) Silver pearls!

Neat, isn't it? And now, years later, I am finally offering you a strand of silver pearls, too!

The Details:

Round 7mm Silver (dyed in the making) Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Handknotted on 100% Pure Silk

Round Filigree clasp, choose from Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold

Or, for a continuous look, choose either the 24" or the 54" with no clasp!


I have loved bringing out my silver pearls over the years and I know you will love yours, too!


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