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Let's make a splash with The Pearl Girls Flashy Splashy Pearl Necklace and Earrings! Back in stock for a limited time!

Yes, pearl friends, I am feeling a the need to have a little fun with our latest pearl jewelry design! This is a beautiful pearl medium I have worked with only a few times in the past... keshi pearls!

More on Keshis

These are amazing and unique gems. I wrote a companion piece to this week's launch titled What is a Keshi Pearl? Check it out HERE. The gist is that a keshi pearl is a pearl formed by a piece of tissue that gets loose or relocates while culturing pearls. So, these pearls do not have a nucleus and they are typically not formed in the way the pearl farmer intended. However, they are a magnificent treasure, not always planned but always beautiful.

These pearls can range in shapes and sizes but many have a cornflake appearance to them. The pearls I use in the Flashy Splashy set are slightly thicker keshis, 9-10mm.

keshi pearls like the flashy splashy pearls - the pearl girls

Since this medium is unique, I thought it would be fun to work with a little cz, too. CZ is cubic zirconium, a nice touch of bling without the price tag of a diamond. I love the result.

Despite its name, the Flashy Splashy isn't so flashy that you can't pair it with jeans an a nice v-neck. It actually offers a great, accessible look with a super beautiful (and unique!) pearl.

The Details

The Flashy Splashy is a gorgeous pair of earrings featuring a keshi pearl and a cz on sterling silver stud posts. The necklace features one keshi pearl and a sterling silver chain. You can save by buying the set!

Enjoy! And, thanks for being a Pearl Girl!




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