The Pearl Girls *LIVE* Learn How to Knot A Pearl Necklace Class

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Would you like to see The Pearl Girls *LIVE* presentation.. Learn How to Knot a Pearl Necklace? It is available online NOW.

The Pearl Girls *LIVE* Learn How to Knot A Pearl Necklace Class

I am so absolutely amazed with how much people are giving and supporting each other during the coronavirus! I feel so inspired! So, Abby and I put our heads together and decided to offer something free to our community! This is an amazing class teaching you all you need to know about knotting pearls!


Abby is such a thorough teacher! Learn how to know a pearl necklace with her! She will teach you what tools you need and some important things to know! And you can watch her knot a full, 16″ necklace! Make or repair your own jewelry after watching this class!

Or maybe this class shows you how amazing pearl knotting is and simultaneously causes you to decide it’s not for you! Hey, we all have our strengths! And, if pearl knotting isn’t for you, send your jewelry repair our way and we will fix it for you Get Started with a Repair or Reknot here!

Speaking of classes..

It is time for me to take one! The live stream zoom class was amazing for the 10 or so people who got on! Not so great for the many others waiting on me! For some reason, that zoom link worked for some and not for others. Some of you couldn’t get the app and others of you were able to get on via a browser. And YouTube live? Forgettaboutit! So, all of that to say that I am so, so sorry. For those of you who missed out, it was a blast!! And… you can still see the class here!

I am scheduled to take a class on how to teach zoom classes! So, I am ready to try another one! This time our wonderful Sylvia Dawe will be teaching us how she makes The Pearl Girls pearl rings! Coming soon! Who knows, this class may inspire you to make a ring at home! They work especially well with the pearls in our Open and Oyster kits!

Stay tuned for more good times and inspiring videos ahead! And, please stay safe and healthy, friends!

Wishing you the best,



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