Pearl Necklace Repair

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The Pearl Girls offer pearl necklace repair for customers of The Pearl Girls and customers from other companies, too! So, it does not matter where you bought your necklace, we can fix them! We can restring or reknot, replace a clasp, or completely redesign your necklace. Feel free to send us what you want repaired or worked on and, if you prefer, we will contact you with estimates before we begin.

Yes, we love re-inventing or re-designing your pearls! All design work is billed at $25 per hour

We can easily change your clasp! Depending upon how your necklace or bracelet was crafted, we may or may not have to restring or reknot your piece when we change the clasp. See our clasps here!

Maybe! Feel free to send us a picture. Also, if you mail it directly to us we can work our magic and see if we can recreate your design. We love projects! All design work is billed at $25 per hour.

Is your necklace too long? We can easily remove pearls and reknot the necklace. We can also create a bracelet, earrings or a single pearl necklace with your extra pearls or simply return them to you!

Yes, we keep an inventory of both vintage and new pearls. If we can match your pearls, we can lengthen your necklace!

Cleaning pearls greatly improves the look and feel of your pearls. We can clean your pearls for $9 a strand.

Absolutely! You will just need to purchase (or send us!) two single strand clasps. We cannot use a double strand clasp on a single strand necklace. But, creating two necklaces is easy! We will have to reknot or restring both of them.

Reknotting and cleaning your pearls can incredibly improve the look of your pearls. However, we cannot change the actual surface quality of your pearls.