Pearl Earring Repair

pearl earring repair - The Pearl Girls

The Pearl Girls offer pearl earring repair for customers of The Pearl Girls and customers from other companies, too! So, it does not matter where you bought your earrings, we can fix them! We can add posts back to pearls and pearls back to posts. We can re-glue pearls back into cluster earrings and add pearls and beads to dangle earrings. The Pearl Girls can handle most pearl and beaded work with earring repair but we do not solder. If you are looking for our line of Pearl Earrings, click here.

Yes! We can remove pearls from earrings and rings and replace them. We use a special epoxy remover which works best on real pearls and higher quality metals.

We sure can!

You sure can! We sell just one earring for half of the cost of a pair! We recommend sending the earring to us so we can perfectly match your pair!

The good news is this is an easy fix! If you purchased your earrings from The Pearl Girls, we will fix it for free. If you bought your earrings elsewhere, we can reattach your pearls to the post for $10. Did you lose your pearl? We can replace it!