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Worn or Damaged Pearls

Do you need a source for pearl jewelry repair or, simply, jewelry repair? Look no further than The Pearl Girls! Over time, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and beaded jewelry start to stretch out. The beads will start to wiggle between the knots. The fine silk will get soiled and the entire piece of jewelry will lose its pop. Or maybe, your jewelry simply breaks! This is a sign it is time for jewelry repair! Our professional restringing and jewelry repair service guarantees that your broken jewelry is treated with love while our highly skilled staff ensures a quality repair that will last.

Transform Jewelry Style

Jewelry last generations but, sometimes, their style does not. If you are looking to restyle outdated pearl jewelry, The Pearl Girls are artfully and expertly qualified to give your pearls a new design. And if your beaded gems need an upgrade, we can handle it! From modern to classic, we will consult with you to renew the look of your jewelry and ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

Cost to Restring Pearls-Restring Pearls With The Pearl GirlsMore than Pearl Jewelry Repair

Although our expertise is in the reknot and restringing of pearl and beaded jewelry, that is not all we do. Did your ring lose its pearl? We can repair broken pearl rings! Is your necklace too short and you need matching pearls to lengthen your strand? We can handle it. Broken clasp repair, upgrading clasps or simply switching to an easier to fasten style are all part of the repair work we do. In the past, we have fixed beadwork on handbags. We have combined necklaces,  and divided necklaces into multiple strands. Do you have a repair job that no other jewelry is willing to touch? Reach out to us! We are always excited to solve your jewelry repair problems!

The Process

The Pearl Girls Jewelry Repair DepartmentLast week our staff was chatting about all the people who mail their jewelry to us. We feel so honored that we are so trusted (and we feel like we deserve that trust) however we understand that it is a really big deal to mail your pearls and beaded jewelry to us! So, thank you for considering us!

I will explain our process to you and we can also email you a form detailing more info about our service.

Mail Your Jewelry to Us

So, first, you need to get your pearls or beaded jewelry to us. We know this is a scary prospect but we also know hundreds of people do it every month. Please know we try to make this process as comfortable and as safe as possible. You have a couple of options! Option one is to mail your pearls directly to us. Our business address is The Pearl Girls, 548 Hawthorne Ave, Athens, GA 30606. This is the physical address of our showroom, work room and shipping department. Option two is to order a jewelry return kit. If you choose this option, we will mail you a box, packaging materials, a form and a return shipping label. That will save you a trip to the post office! Finally, if you have your own packaging materials, you can order a shipping label from us which we will send via email to print from home.

The Pearl Girls Jewelry Repair

When Your Jewelry Arrives

Abby - The Pearl Girls Head of Production - The Pearl Girls Jewelry repair

When your jewelry arrives, we open your package and we document exactly what you have sent us on our intake form. We also count your beads and pearls and we photograph all your jewelry. Next, we reach out to you and tell you your pearls arrived and, if you want, we can give you an estimate.

We store your jewelry in our reknot and repair room, which is essentially a small office we keep sealed and locked for security purposes. When Abby, our Head of Production, comes in she looks over your jewelry. She then decides what needs to be done and pulls supplies. Abby either repairs it herself or she leaves instructions for another member of our staff to complete.

The Repair and The Return

Tara Poston The Pearl Girls office Manager

Abby locks up your jewelry in preparation for our repair staff. When the designated repair person comes in, she chooses your repair, completes your repair, recounts the number of beads or pearls, photographs your piece and then locks it back up.

Finally, our office manager pulls your jewelry, calls or emails you for payment. After you pay, we package your jewelry in its original packaging and mail it back to you, making sure it is insured to your specification.


We aim to complete your jewelry repair within two weeks. If our work involves alot of communication back and forth or the purchase of additional supplies, this may extend the time it takes us to complete your repair. Also, we do require payment before we mail the jewelry back to you!

Get Started on your Jewelry Repair Now!

Remember, you can order of Jewelry Return Kit or simply mail your pearl jewelry and gems directly to us!

Our mailing address is:

The Pearl Girls
548 Hawthorne Ave
Athens, GA 30606

Order Your Jewelry Return Kit Now!

Good Things to Know About Your Pearl Jewelry Repair

It does not matter if you originally bought your pearls from us! We reknot everyone’s jewelry, pearls and beads! In the past we have reknotted pearls from Mikimoto and Marvella. No-name pearls, big-name pearls, strands worth thousands of dollars and strands worth a million in memories. We have reknotted Jade, coral, lapis and jet beads; we have knotted both fake pearls and real pearls. In the past we have cleaned and knotted pearls that have burned in a house fire and pearls that were buried in a backyard (thanks to the dog!). Coin pearls, baroque pearls, round pearls, funky pearls… we literally work with everything! If your jewelry requires restringing or reknotting, trust us to do a quality job with kindness, honesty, integrity and  fine attention to detail.

Jewelry Repair Pricing Details

The link for our  Jewelry Return Pack detail more pearl jewelry repair pricing info, but here are a few details:(prices effective 7-1-21)

The Pearl Girls Repair Pricing
Restring/Reknot a single strand bracelet up to 9” $50

Restring/Reknot a single strand necklace up to 18” $100
Restring/Reknot a single strand necklace up to 22” $125
Restring/Reknot a single strand necklace up to 25” $150

Extra heavy or very small pearls/beads will be charged an extra $30-$50 dollars

Clean My Jewelry $20 (per piece)

Replace a Pearl in my Ring $50 +
(price can increase based on the pearl)

When we add pearls or beads to a existing piece, we prefer to quote this in house. Pearls vary greatly in quality and price, so we will want to see your piece to assess the exact pearls or beads that you need. Thanks!

Re-attach pearls to stud earrings $20 per pair
(FREE if they are from The Pearl Girls!)

New Clasp Start at $25 for Sterling Silver and $100 for 14K gold

Rush Fee $25/hour

Not sure what you need? $30/hour for Consultation
(billed in ½ hour increments)

$50/hour for Design
(billed in ½ hour increments)

Pearl Ring Repair

If you need to replace a pearl in a ring, replacement pearls start at $20 per pearl and can go up, depending on the size. Unless you know the exact size of the pearl you need, we find it is best to send the ring to us and we can find the perfect pearl for you!

Unsure About Price?

Are you unsure of your length of your jewelry, how many knots are in your necklace or how big your pearls are? Maybe you are not sure exactly what you want done? Or are you simply unsure how much your repair will cost? No problem! We will be happy to call you with a quote once your jewelry arrives! Just write us a note and let us know exactly what you want and how you wish to be contacted!

Anything else?

Everything else! We also drill pearls, fix rings and earrings, create new designs, repair clasps, clean pearls and more! Chain is no problem; we can repair chain or add pearls to a chain. Would you like us to take pearls off of earrings and put them on a ring? Or, make earrings from your pearls? We can do it! The only thing we do not do is metal work. So, we do not solder metal designs or set prongs.

Our Promise

Know that we promise to take great care of your pearls and jewelry during our pearl jewelry repair. Your package is tracked and we keep your pearls under lock and key at our office! Security is our priority; your jewelry is safe with us! We also offer a year warranty on any work we do and on any jewelry we create and sell.


If you have a coupon code with us please know that coupons cannot be used towards our restringing service. Thanks for understanding!

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Or, again, simply mail your jewelry to us!

The Pearl Girls
548 Hawthorne Ave
Athens, GA 30606


Do you have questions? I have answers! My blog is expanding  to show you our real-life pearl jewelry repair work. I am also expanding it into non-pearl repair, too! I try to create posts from your questions about the work we do. Check out my blog posts HERE! And here is a nifty list of Frequently Asked Questions!

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