Wish Pearl Earrings

Make a wish with this gorgeous necklace, reminiscent of royal jewelry collections. “It’ll do magic believe it or not…”



Look at these gorgeous Wish Pearl Earrings! We took the opulent Wish Pearl.. a pearl draped in pearls… and made them into earrings. A very unique pearl design reminiscent of the royal pearl jewelry collections!

Many girls dream of being a princess! (If only they knew their dreams were answered… they are princesses!). Well in honor of all the princesses in this world and in honor of the queens they become, I decided to create a piece reminiscent of the royal jewelry collections. And what is more regal than a pearl draped in pearls? It feels opulent. Like one pearl is simply not enough, I must have 39 pearls to compliment my one pearl. The queen decrees it! So, this is what we did. We started with an 8 mm oval drop pearl and wrapped it in 5 layers of pearls. The result was a beautiful Wish Pearl!

But as I have lived and worn this new design this past month (I get to test all of the beautiful Pearl Girls designs!), I thought about something else. The night that Cinderella went to the ball. With a little bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, a pumpkin becomes her carriage and, like magic, she is off to join the others at that ball. Now, these days, everyone has their opinions of fairy tales. And I have my opinions, too! And I believe in the joy of dreaming, of wishing, of wanting something to be true. I like to do my own bit of wishing and dreaming, too! And what a joy to imagine we can actually have what we want! And what a joy when we do have exactly what we want!

So, with a dose of The Pearl Girls magic, our fairy Godmother created this beautiful piece, the Wish Pearl. We have added it to a sterling silver ear hooks (nickel free!) or, if you prefer, we can add them to 14K gold! They go great with the gorgeous Wish Pearl Necklace, too! We know you will enjoy the opulence of this regal pearl and we hope that you, too, will be able to dream abut your own wishes, too!

Here is to all the princesses and all the queens!



** Made with love, care and a little bit of magic in Athens, GA **

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