Twin Pearls Bracelet

Our new Twin Pearls Bracelet with colorful suede-like leather. Perfect for layering!




Say hello to our newest Twin Pearls bracelets is wonderfully warm Summer colors! We love these new, colorful Twin Pearls Bracelets! Actually they’re perfect for any time of the year, but don’t these vibrant colors just get you all fired up for summer?! Well, that is exactly what I thought when Inez (one of our amazing Pearl Girls) presented this fun and unique new design. Of course she received the typical response, “Go for it!.” So, she created the bracelet and, as one of The Pearl Girls official product testers, I have not taken it off since (neither have our other product testers)! I would say my typical style is a bit more classic and I do not wear as many of our Leather and Pearl Designs. However, I love the layer-ability of the leather bracelets and this design is especially vibrant and versatile! And I love the colors… these are simply a must have!

What beautiful colors….this Fall we are offering our 5 bestsellers and others available by special order: Black, Chocolate Brown, (Maroon by special order), Red, (Light Brown by special order), Dark Gray, (Olive and Light Gray by Special Order)  and Khaki (not pictured)

Note: If you prefer one of the special order colors, either let us know in your order notes, call us or email us! 706-850-5296 Thanks!




So, here is the deal, you need to tell us how big you want it. I suggest measuring your wrist and adding between 3/4 to 1 and 1/4 inch to the length. We have divided the lengths up into sizes. The Small/Medium is 7.25″ and the Medium/Large is around 8″ long. Please reach out to us if you need an extra small or an extra large. As you know, we make our jewelry custom for you, so we can make these exactly how you want them! Please just give us a couple of extra days for custom orders and know custom orders are not returnable. Thanks!


I have a 6 1/4 inch wrist and I am wearing the Small/Medium  7.25″ bracelet.

Enjoy our beautiful Twin Pearls Bracelet!! Layer ’em up for a fun and colorful mixture!

Made with love in Athens, GA. (where the red and black make a perfect combo!!)






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Black, Brick Red, Chocolate Brown, Copper, Coral, Dark Gray, Georgia Red, Khaki, Light Gray, Lime Green, Marigold, Navy, Turquoise




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