Teardrop Leather and Pearl (Ava) Earrings

Lovely leather and pearl earrings!




Check out these beautiful teardrop leather and pearl earrings! We are love, love, loving our leather and pearl designs. They are fun, versatile and affordable. I would love to use the very overused phrase “these are not your grandma’s pearls,” but given that my mamma, a grandmother of 11, loves these earrings, I will just have to say that once again these designs are for EVERYONE! We even had a sweet girl scout, Ava, come by and make a necklace with this same design which we will launch soon! This is why we affectionately call these the Ava Earrings. Thanks Ava!!

These earrings are awesome, beautiful, and fun. No dragging earlobes in this cute, lightweight design! They have about an inch and a quarter from the top of the teardrop to the bottom. Given that we Pearl Girls range in size and we thought this was the best length for all of us! Very versatile!

Teardrop leather and pearl earrings…check them out! They go perfectly with all of our leather and pearl designs or, go out on a limb and pair them with a classic strand. That is what I am going to do! Thanks so much, and continue your amazing journey, Pearl Girls!!



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Leather Color

Black, Chocolate, Natural Tan


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