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The story of the Spiral Pearl Earrings…

There I was rushing through Hong Kong, my last day of a very short trip to the International Jewelry Show…

After our plane was delayed for 12 hours in Toronto on the way over, our already short 4 day trip was compressed into 3. Mental note: February, transfer, Toronto = bad idea! It snows in that part of the world! Another bad idea? Optimistically announcing, “See you at breakfast at 8!” while crashing into bed at 5:30AM. Yes, I learned a lot this trip!

So, on a trip shorter than usual, I was rushing to see my old friends and connect with new ones during my limited time in Hong Kong. When, suddenly, I stumbled across a small company selling these beautiful sterling silver teardrop shapes. They reminded me of some carved Mother of Pearl we had carried years before. But I loved the sterling silver! I grabbed a limited number of pieces and bustled on.

Well, of course Abby loved these also. We decided to wire some extra small pearls to these and create a stunning pair of earrings. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my quick find. And the earrings turned out beautiful. Although, bad news: in my haste, I didn’t get enough! So, please enjoy the very limited number of these Spiral Pearl Earrings!

And for those of you who get my weekly emails, you know it is an appropriate launch after Hong Kong, into Spring Break, an extended Spring Break and an otherwise spiraling week. Enjoy!

Created in Athens, GA with on nickel free sterling silver ear hooks. The sterling silver teardrop is almost 1″ long, with the ear hook and dangling pearls, the entire earring dangles 1.5″



** LIMITED QUANTITY! Get them while supplies last! **

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