Silver Pearl Necklace

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Look at this amazing silver pearl necklace by The Pearl Girls!! Featuring gorgeous cultured pearls!

India on a trip through Asia in 2006 - the pearl girls

You may have read my origin story… The Pearl Girls started in 2006 on a big trip through Asia where I bought pearls for myself, friends and family, and, ultimately for my customers. But, there is something I have never told you… what I bought for myself!

Here I was, a 29 year old woman, who only owned the pearls my Dad had given me when I was 8! What did I decide to buy? (drumroll please…) Silver pearls!

Neat, isn’t it? And now, 13 years later, I am finally offering you a strand of silver pearls, too!

I hand selected the pearls in this Silver Pearl Necklace on my recent trip to Hong Kong. They are 7mm round pearls and they have been dyed silver.

We knotted them and added a sterling silver filigree clasp.

I have loved bringing out my silver pearls over the years and I know you will love yours, too!

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