Scattered Pearl Earrings

The Scattered Pearl Earrings! A perfect compliment to our Scattered Pearl necklace! Or simply beautiful on their own!




The Pearl Girls absolutely adore the Scattered Pearl Necklace! If you have not seen this beautiful, function-able and funky piece, click HERE now! And NOW, check out the oh-so-amazing Scattered Pearl Earrings. We took the same, beautiful 6mm button pearls. Then we offset drilled them, making the hole on the top 1/3 of the pearl, and made them into earrings. The result, a flowing, scattered look.

These earrings, and the entire Scattered pearl Collection, take the beauty of pearls and combine them into a contemporary fun look! We made these earrings in 3 scattered pearls and then, since we love creating and creating, we added 2 more pearls on each earring. So, you have your choice, would you like the lighter look of 3 pearls? Or a more dramatic length of 5 pearls? It is up to you! Choose your size! 3 pearls or 5 pearls?

Here is a closer look of both:

Both of these earrings feel light. The 5 scattered pearl earrings are an inch and a half long and the 3 scattered pearl earrings are an inch long.

Both are made on nickel free sterling silver ear hooks.




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3 Pearl Earrings, 5 Pearl Earrings


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