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Check out the newest in our colored suede and pearls design… The Pearl Girls Pop of Color Wrap! Here at The Pearl Girls we are a multi-age workforce! Which bodes well for our multi-age clientele… because pearls are appropriate for everyone, no matter your age.

So Who Can Wear this Wrap?

This Wrap is a great design conceived by our 22 year old office staffer and executed by our 60 year old pearl jewelry maker! With rounds of applause by the 30-something and a great design that this 40-something gal has grown to love. So, this IS a trendier design and inspired by our younger Pearl Girls but very wearable by our older Pearl Girls!

The Lovely Details

It features 60 inches of lusciously soft sueded cord in gorgeous colors with three large 9mm pearls in the middle and four pearls dangling off of each end. It can be wrapped once at the neck with the end pieces delicately flowing down your blouse. Or, wrap it multiple times. Or tie it! Keep the pearls together, or spread them apart! Wear it your own way to reflect your unique style!

I wear my Wrap loosely around my neck and let the ends hang down the sides of my shirt! And I LOVE wearing my turquoise wrap with my shirt that has the tiniest hint of turquoise in it. So it really pops!  I always get so many compliments on this piece that I am so thrilled that after months of enjoying it… I finally get to launch it!

Colors and More Colors

So, let’s talk color! We offer The Pearl Girls Pop of Color Wraps in a variety of colors… Chocolate Brown, Black, Khaki, Turquoise, Coral or Navy! So you can choose to go for neutral or go for the POP! Again, choose the style that fits you best! You do you!

Thanks Pearl Girls, as always, for supporting our sweetly southern pearl shop! We Truly have a passion for pearls!

With Love,


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Black, Chocolate Brown, Coral, Khaki, Navy, Turquoise


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