Petite Pearl Bar Earrings

A lovely bar necklace in pearls!

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Hooray for our newest design…a pearl bar. See this lovely design in petite pearls in the Pearl Bar Necklace or in these sweet Pearl Bar Earrings! necklace.. in pearls! I am sure you have seen this trendy design around recently. Well, instead of creating a bar of silver or gold, we decided to create our own design in pearls! The Pearl Bar Necklace features petite pearls. These are tiny cultured pearls measuring 2-3mm in diameter. They are, what I like to call, impossibly small! One would wonder how they can harvest such tiny pearls!? These are so sweet and beautiful and in a very contemporary design. We have been “product testing” these around The Pearl Girls since Abby came up with the design. And we absolutely LOVE these pieces.

The Pearl Bar Necklace is very small and delicate. Although sturdy in its design, you will need to treat this necklace with more care than you do your fashion jewelry pieces. These are nice, genuine cultured pearls from our partner pearl farms. If you want to know more about caring for this piece, check out our Pearl Care Tips.

Made with he same love and care all of our jewelry is made with here in Athens, GA by our team of creative women. Thanks for supporting the work week do!

Please choose your length and the direction you want the bar to hang… vertical like a pole or horizontal like a bar.


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