Love Light Candle

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There is a song that I love absolutely adore called “Turn on Your Love Light.” It is a love song, of course, about a man begging a woman to turn on her love light. He pleads, “Let it shine on me.” I find myself humming that song and thinking about all the people I want to shine my love light on… I think of people struggling, needing a helping hand. I know organizations that are full of passion and short on cash. And, I just wonder… how can I turn my love light on them?

The Pearl Girls Shine A Light

All that got me thinking… there is a beautiful candle company here in Athens, GA called the Little Light Company. I contacted the owner, Beth, and asked if I could buy a few cases of candles. She is another small business so I didn’t want to ask her for a donation. Yet, I wanted to use her candles for just that… a donation. I am so excited to launch The Pearl Girls Shine A Light fundraisers!! This fundraiser that lets me (with a lot of help from y’all!) shine a light on the causes I feel good about. So, here we are… the Love Light Candle, our way to shine a light on the causes we want to support!

Love Light Candle

Buy a Love Light Candle and your full $10 will go to causes that The Pearl Girls support. I am particularly interested in nonprofits that benefit women and children. In the past I have given to the LLS, Project Safe, girls in sports, foster care, special ed programs and more. Would you like The Pearl Girls to shine a light on your organization? Reach out! We would love to include you, too!

New Fundraisers Every Month

We started by raising money for Athens Area Diaper Bank to support their efforts to distribute diapers to families in need. In 2019 they gave away 50,000 diapers, 10,000 in December alone. This cause is near and dear to my friend Amy’s heart and I am so excited to support her work and the work of the Diaper Bank!

We next used our money to contribute to fight homelessness in Athens, GA!

An Amazing Candle

And many thanks to you for supporting our fundraiser by buying The Pearl Girls Love Light Candle. Which, by the way, is the MOST amazing candle. As many of you know, I product test every single piece of jewelry we launch. Tough job, right? Well, I did my due diligence and product tested this candle, too! It is called Lavender and Lace and it has a lovely lavender scent. It blankets my living room with a subtle smell that is calming and clean. Sometimes I will leave the room and forget the candle is burning. When I return I think, “What an amazing smell!” It is the perfect size (4 oz) in a white tin container and has been burning for quite a while without burning out.

Amazing Causes

I love this candle so much which makes me feel like our Love Light fundraiser is even more of a win-win. You get an amazing candle for $10 and the full amount you pay goes to our monthly fundraiser. Hooray! Thank you for joining us and shining your light in this world!




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