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I am loving these earrings we have created! I just launched the new Lattice Pearl Earrings, a gorgeous interlaced metal design accented with a medium (7mm) pearl. Now check out these Finer Pearl Earrings! In the same was a sieve will separate the course from the fine, these earrings area distillation of a fine pearl earring design. After we created these, I wore them daily for an added pop of refinement. The gold goes so well with blonde hair warm colors and the silver offers a great pop with dark and cool hair colors. These Finer Pearl Earrings feature a curved disk with dotted holes and a stud post back. We added a large (10mm) cultured pearl. They will certainly step up into the finer category of your earring collection but with a very accessible price tag!

The large curved post measures a little over .75″ in diameter and features a 10mm pearls dangling from the bottom of the post. The metal work is hand-cast in a matte gold plate or matte silver/ rhodium plate. Because of their artistic nature, there can be slight variation in their design.

finer pearl earrings in matte silver by the pearl girls

The posts are not nickel free so please be advised if you have a nickel allergy!

Choose between a gorgeous matte gold fill or silver! Unfortunately we do not have a good image of the earrings finished in silver although here is a peek at the “sieve” in silver! Thanks Pearl Girls and Pearl Guys!!

Go fine with our Finer Pearl Earrings!



** As I am sure you have experienced, plated jewelry can change color over time. Although plating has come a long way in recent years, we want you to be aware that changes can occur. Take good care of your jewelry and minimize its contact with water/moisture to prolong the life and look of your new earrings! Thanks!**

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