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It Starts With Love…

I love to tell the story of Judi. Judi is the matriarch of our clan but even in her mid-70s she has an amazing amount of spunk. She is also one of those amazing women with a great story to tell… about everything. Well, when Judi came to us wanting to be a Pearl Girl, she gave it her all. She tried so hard to knot our amazing, high-quality pearl necklaces but she could not perfect her craft well enough for us to approve her to become a regular pearl knotter. It has happened many times before, unfortunately, but we insist on standing behind our quality. But, she wasn’t backing down.

Since she couldn’t knot pearls for us, Judi decided she would create some new designs! The cultured pearl heart is the result of Judi’s commitment to making beautiful jewelry for The Pearl Girls. She loves The Pearl Girls and loves women who enjoy our designs as much as we do!

The Details

Our slightly larger Cultured Pearl Heart featuring small (4-5mm) pearls has been a runaway gift. It is so popular and is currently being sold in catalogs and our retail stores. The piece was so popular, Judi could not keep up so she taught the rest of our team how to make these hearts. But, now we have requests to make these even smaller. So, Judi jumped on board and figured out how to make this heart with The Pearl Girls extra small (2-3 mm) pearls. Size of heart is 3/4″ x 1/2″

Here is, once again, the result of Judi’s hard work. Now, new and improved, with the help of her friends! This is our small heart.

This heart is the same size as the hearts in our cultured pearl heart earrings. We have put this new heart in a necklace for those who want a smaller, more subtle heart. We have attached it to a beautiful sterling silver chain. Do you prefer gold? After you add this to your cart, add a 14K gold chain here! We are really proud of this tiny cultured pearl heart.

So, who is this heart perfect for? Well, anyone you love (and we hope you include yourself in that list!). With the smaller size, maybe you want to think of gifting it to a young person. Or maybe not! Either of our hearts are absolutely stunning! We know you will love this piece as much as we do!

Oh, and as for length… if you wear an 18″ necklace in our classic strands, we recommend going to a 17″ in our chain necklaces. It is a good rule of thumb to go an inch shorter than you wear in our classic strands. 17″ is our most popular length in this necklace with 18″a close second.



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