Big Pearl Necklace

A gorgeous strand of Extra Large (12mm) cultured pearls.



You asked for a REALLY big pearl necklace and here it is! We know that sometimes bigger feels better with pearls and when you want bigger pearls, we encourage you to go for these extra large 12mm pearls! Up until this point we have offered the insanely popular large 10mm pearls in our Signature Pearl Necklace. But, I know for some of you these pearls just were not big enough! You wanted something bigger, like our Extra Large Pearl Studs. Well, finally I have scored some extra large pearls at an amazing price! These pearls are so stunning that I am our very first customer and enjoying a strand myself!

These are genuine cultured pearls, slightly graduated from 12.5mm to 11.3mm beside the clasp. And the clasp… what a lovely accent! The clasp is a twist clasp with pave crystals. The strand is double threaded and knotted to ensure these large gems will stay put on the strand where they belong. Speaking of belonging… these gems belong on your neck!

This big pearl necklace is truly stunning and out of this world beautiful. Ethereal, heavenly. I can only imagine how amazing you will feel and look when you wear these stunning cultured pearls!

Please know we have an incredibly limited supply of these. If we sell out, I can’t more but it might take me a few weeks!

I sized this big pearl necklace at 17″. If you need it longer or shorter, let me know!

Thanks Pearl Girl!




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