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This baroque pearl bracelet will be a stunning addition to your pearl collection. Who does not love over the top, luscious baroque pearls. These are the Wilma Flintstone of pearls… they cannot be missed!

You see, there are pearls that you wear to be casual and demure, pearls that show you as put together and stylish and there are even pearls that are the right fit for the right outfits. And then there are pearls that seem to make an entrance even before you do. This baroque pearl bracelet is such a statement piece. With a flick of the wrist or as you run your fingers through your hair… this bracelet will be noticed, admired, even envied…

This necklace features stunning, knock-your-socks-off baroque pearls, and they are huge. We’re talking 15mm-16mm huge. The pearls have a luxurious luster, and this bracelet features a twist crystal clasp. Choose your perfect length (remember, measure your wrist and add an inch for the perfect bracelet size!) Along with the Baroque Pearl Necklace, this is one of our favorite investment pieces. You will be wowing people for years with these beauties.

We found these pearls during our travels through China. These pearls represent a new trend in culturing bigger and more beautiful pearls. The fact that they are not perfectly round adds to their beauty and their luster. Uneven pearl surfaces are known for catching and diffusing light just so to illuminate the pearls with a color and richness unparalleled in non-baroque pearls.

We are thrilled to offer these to you Pearl Girls although please know that we only discovered a few of these gorgeous pearls so these bracelets are extremely limited edition. Enjoy!

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