Abalone Eclipse Necklace




In honor of the 2017 Eclipse! See these amazing Abalone Eclipse Earrings and Necklace!  This beautiful Abalone Eclipse Necklace features a gorgeous piece of carved abalone mother of pearl.

Ever since we launched our abalone Color My World Necklace and Bracelet, we have simply fallen in love with the amazing colors of this mother of pearl shell. When our resident metal artist and Pearl Girl Sylvia Dawe came up with these new designs, I knew they were just perfect for the Eclipse of 2017!

We know that many of you have questions about this beautiful abalone. Abalone are sea snails that have beautiful multicolored shells. Although many native cultures and pretty much everyone agrees that the shells are beautiful, it is very difficult to culture pearls from these abalone. So, the majority of abalone in the market are either natural pearls or the mother of pearl from the shells.

How beautiful it was to see the sun slowly swallowed by the moon only to emerge again. And I loved the amazing colors of light emerged from the other side. Plus, I just had a lot of fun enjoying the eclipse with my boys!

As for these necklaces, we have only a few available…

The abalone pieces measure 20mm and the necklace is 18″ long on sterling silver. Enjoy!!



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Abalone Eclipse Necklace, Abalone Eclipse Necklace and Earrings Set


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