Signature Large Cultured Pearl Necklace

Don’t just make an entrance. Make a statement in large, luxurious pearls.




Our signature, large cultured pearl necklace is sophisticated.

Classy, but cool.

Polished, but playful.

Demure, but distinctive.

Chic, but carefree.

Put together…but never overstrung.


Don’t just make an entrance. Make a statement. Our big, bold, “step-it-up piece” large cultured pearl necklace in glorious, lustrous white  pearls won’t let you do anything but make a statement!

Whether you’re meeting the in-laws, hightailing it to a class reunion, heading to an interview, or simply being you, when you’ve got an impression to make, we’ve got just the thing.

Because while you can never escape that first impression, one thing you can escape is ANY possibility that you won’t make a good one!

Maybe you have enjoyed your medium (7mm) pearls for years… they have taken you from one lovely event to another. But, now you are mature; you have done and seen many things. Maybe you are ready to pass on your classic necklace and step up to a signature large pearl piece. These are the luxurious large cultured pearls you deserve…along with all the richness this life has to offer. Make a statement with these big and bold 10mm pearls.  The twist crystal clasp adds a luxurious touch.

These freshwater cultured pearls are hand selected in Hong Kong and China and knotted on a silk thread that we import from Germany. It is finished with a gorgeous twist crystal clasp. Like all of our jewelry, this piece is made especially for you by our team of women based in Athens, GA USA.

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  1. Winnie Garrett

    This 10mm classic pearl necklace makes a beautiful, big and bold statement. For any girl from classic to quirky, dressed up or down, these pearls are the pearls for you!

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