Product Description

We custom make these! Please allow us a couple of extra days to fill your order! Thanks!

We paired The Pearl Girls gorgeous medium pearl with a faceted briolette cut garnet to create this You’re A Gem Necklace. You have seen the gorgeous earrings, now look at the beautiful matching necklace! You’re a Gem by The Pearl Girls!

See the earrings HERE!

A gorgeous sterling silver chain with one pearl and one faceted garnet. The deep red color of this gem necklace has us thinking about Valentine’s Day...

The Stone

Sourced from the Latin word granatum, garnet means pomegranate. And these look like the juicy, rich pomegranate seeds. Even better, in Greek mythology, a pomegranate was often given as a gift of passion. This is why I chose to create these especially with our day of love ahead! Garnets are associated with eternal love! Which is perfect because so are pearls! Yay!

Garnets are such beautiful gems, with a deep red color. These garnets are AAA from Mozambique. They average 8mm in size. They are a pear shaped briolette cut. Beautiful facets reflect the light and the deep red pairs well with the pure white pearl. Pearls and a gem necklace!

Check out the matching earrings!

The Necklace

We custom make these necklaces. Our typical lengths are 16”, 17”, 18” or 20”. Let us know if you prefer something different! We make our necklaces with nickel free sterling silver with a sterling spring ring clasp!

A lovely choice for you or one you love!

Thanks Pearl Girls!




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