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I have been so excited to launch this celestial beauty with moon and stars I picked up in Hong Kong! Meet the Star & Moon Pearl Necklace by The Pearl Girls!

So, what are these gorgeous and amazing pearls?  The crescent moon and the star are actual pearls!  They carry the unique beauty, coloring and texture of genuine cultured pearls. But, how do they get this amazing shape? Well, first, the shape is cut from a piece of Mother-of-Pearl. Mother-of-Pearl is the gorgeous inner lining of the mollusk shell. It is the same material a mollusk uses to make its pearls thus the name.. the mother of the pearl! Awesome!

Many pearls are formed by inserting a mother of pearl bead into the mollusk, prompting it to form a spherical pearl around the bead. The same method is used with these pearls. However, the shape is a bit different! Technicians carve the mother of pearl into star and moon shapes then insert these shapes into the mollusk to form the pearl! So, the star shape becomes a star pearl and the moon shape becomes a moon pearl!

Nature is so beautiful but not always perfect! So, there are slight variation in the moon and pearl shapes. Each one carries its own mark of unique beauty! Just like pearls!

We created the Star and Moon Pearl Necklace on sterling silver chains. The chain is almost 20” in length and the small sterling silver ball is adjustable so you can wear it longer or shorter and adjust how the pearls dangle on your neckline!

And, if you want to learn more about the Shape of Pearls, check out my newest blog post HERE!

I travel the world in search of beautiful pearls and I love to collect the unique and eclectic. And sometimes I like to keep my finds a secret. Almost ten months ago, I slipped away to Hong Kong for a long weekend. I was intending to stay longer but a stormy layover in Toronto shortened my trip. Many of you have enjoyed the pearls I found in Hong Kong, such as my Fish Pearl Earrings! But, you haven’t seen these. These beauties stayed tucked away but now I am so excited the time has come to show them off! These are the last of my treasures from that trip. I guess it is time to fly again for more beautiful pearls!

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