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Product Description

The Scattered Pearl Necklace is the perfect expression of your classic uniqueness. Featuring white button pearls alternately scattered along this necklace. 

The beauty of the scattered pearl necklace.... Do you ever want to retain the look of a gorgeous classic pearl necklace but add the slightest little scattered "umph"? We do! We love classic pearls but sometimes we just want to turn up the volume just enough to make a difference. That is why we created this Scattered Pearl Necklace. It reminds us of a perfect up-do hair with a little wispy curl that has fallen loose or our favorite lipstick, only a shade darker. It is anything that is uniquely your own but slightly supercharged. Maybe we love the reminder that we are not always perfect coupled with the assurance that we are better for it. Add the Scattered Pearl Earrings and Bracelet to complete your set!

Gorgeous white button pearls are alternately scattered along this necklace. It is the perfect expression of your classic uniqueness. We think you will love it!

Good news!! We are carrying a very limited supply of our natural pink and a colored black pearls, too! If you want color, let us know! You will love the scattered necklace in white too!

Here are the details: The scattered pearl necklace features button pearls, 6-6.5mm in diameter. They are top drilled meaning the pearls do not have a hole directly through the middle, the hole is closer to 1/3 from the top of the pearl. This means the pearls do not lay perfectly flat, giving them a scattered look. Choose your length! The model is wearing a 16" strand. We also make them in 18" and 20".




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