Product Description

Crosses of cultured pearls on sterling silver. Beautiful earrings!

Look at These!

Gorgeous cultured pearl cross earrings on sterling silver wire. These are so sweet and beautiful and so easy to wear, for young or old Pearl Girls! They go great with our Pearl Cross Pendant or are simply stunning on their own.


The Pearl Girls pearl cross earrings are handmade in Athens, Georgia featuring our internationally sourced cultured pearls. We have an amazing staff of jewelry makers who create all of our designs. Many of you requested we add these to our catalog and we were happy to oblige! We love making these pearl crosses! These tiny crosses are made with luxurious small cultured (3mm) pearls. They are a gorgeous expression of your faith.

The Details

We love the petite nature of these Small Petite Pearl Crosses. The Small Petite Pearl Crosses we use to make these earrings measures 3/4 of an inch long and 1/2 of an inch wide.

If you follow our post to the matching necklace, you will see we also offer a similar design which we call the Large Petite Pearl Cross. This cross measures about 1 inch long and 3/4 inch wide. These earrings will work great with either size pendant. We can also create earrings from the Large Petite Pearl Cross, if you prefer. As always, we are excited to create exactly what you want!

The Evolution of the Pearl Cross

Our Pearl Crosses have grown over the years! We first offered a larger 3mm pearl in a 3D design. We love this pearl cross and it is very popular but thought we would create a thinner, simpler design for a more streamline profile. Choose which cross works best for you!  See the other pearl cross here...

Of course we think these earrings are a must have! We love the versatility and ease of wearing these small one-half inch pearl cross earrings!




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