Product Description

Give me your heart and soul... or, just a heart and a pearl! Well, this is two pearls, to be exact!

Look at this amazing new necklace featuring a cultured pearl heart! This beauty was carved from mother of pearl, inserted in the mollusk and transformed into an amazing heart pearl! Expect your heart to be varied and unique! It has the same unpredictable accents as a coin pearl or our fish pearls! The coloring ranges from a soft white to the palest of pinks. You might find a little variation in the heart shape ... it is an organic gem after all! But, it is so beautiful!! A lush and lovely cultured pearl. And receiving rave reviews from our customers! Thanks, Pearl Girls!!

We paired these heart pearls with a round 10mm pearl in pink, white or peacock! So, although the pearl heart remains the same, choose the color of the large pearl in the necklace! Have a little flash of something different! Something unique and fitting to your style!

Also, no need to worry about the length of the necklace! These are adjustable from 17” to 19”!

I travel the world in search of beautiful pearls and I love to collect the unique and eclectic. And sometimes I like to keep my finds a secret. Almost eight months ago, I slipped away to Hong Kong for a long weekend. I was intending to stay longer but a stormy layover in Toronto shortened my trip. Many of you have enjoyed the pearls I found in Hong Kong, but, you haven’t seen these. These beauties I kept hidden even for myself! But, Valentine’s Day brought them back into view! Oh, the gorgeous heart pearls!! What a great addition to our Heart Pearl Collection!

With Love... on Valentine’s Day and all year long!!



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