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Are you an on-the-go Pearl Girl... but not ready to sacrifice style for practicality? Well, guess what? You can have it all! An easy to wear earring that looks great for whatever adventure life takes you on. These earrings are in nickel free sterling silver with a large (10mm) round white pearl. They POP! What they don't do is get caught on things, poke the back of your ears, bore you, tire you, or more. Because really, don't we want to look good while we are on the go? If you answered yes, I hope you will consider the On the Go Pearl Earrings for your next wardrobe staple.

My adventures so far this summer have taken me on a road trip from Georgia to Northern Michigan, on a three day camping trip down the Manistee River and today I am boarding a plane for a 13 hour flight to Taipei, a 5 hour flight to Bali and, a few days later, another flight and a boat ride to the Indonesia pearl farm. So, although “looking good” while being jet lagged and overtired might be too much to ask for, wearing gorgeous pearls that I can sleep and travel in is never too much. So, what am I wearing? Before I left I asked Abby to create earrings with an easy back and pearls that pop. We decided on these… the On the Go Pearl Earrings. Sometimes when I am snuggled up with my neck pillow, studs will push into the space behind my ears. Other times, those gorgeous french hooks get caught on my airplane blanket. Well, these beauties have nothing to poke or get caught on. They latch at the back, wear easily and look beautiful. See, here I am in my tent, hiding from the rain and wearing my pearls! And if you don't subscribe to my weekly email (you should!) AND you haven't met one of my favorite photo bombers, my son Harry!


Are you on the go? Do you need some easy to wear pearls for the beach, for travel or for your restful staycation?. I hope you will enjoy these On The Go Pearl Earrings as much as I do!

Happy Trails!



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