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“Got This” Pearl Necklace

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Product Description

Hey Ladies... you have got this! And you have got the bracelet. This week, introducing The Pearl Girls newest design... the “Got This” Pearl Necklace.

Long and Lovely!

Yes! Last week I introduced three different color palettes for bracelets. See them HERE! An all white (you can never go wrong with this!), a mix of Black, White and Gray pearls (gorgeous!) and  mix of White Gray and Pink pearls (beautiful!). And now I am offering these same colors in a long 45" necklaces!

I named this the "Got This" collection as a reminder of how, with all the craziness we have going on in the world, we can handle it! (And I just accidentally wrote gong instead of going. It does feel like a gong show, sometimes!)

This week I am feeling like I need the "Got This" reminder more than ever! Hopefully, we can always maintain balance where some of us remain strong when other falter. I love the image of each of us picking one another up. I hope we all can make the decisions we need to make and do what we need to do to get through these times with grace and poise!

These necklaces are knotted... one knot at a time! They feature 7.5-8.5 mm off round (baroque) pearls. They are gorgeous! And, a nod to a standard of beauty outside of what we have come to see as the norm.Gorgeously crafted in three different color designs.... because life is so varied and colorful!

Here are the details...

7.5-8.5mm baroque Pearls, knotted, and average length between 45-47" long. An infinity style, without a clasp.

We have three colors to choose from! All White, White + Pink + Gray or White + Black + Gray.

I know times seem a little crazy but I also know, "You’ve got this!" I created the "Got This" Pearl Bracelet and Necklace as a reminder to all of us... We can do what we need to to protect our loved ones and build a better life out of the one that came before. I know I am struggling with so many choices, but I know we are being held and supported. I know we can get through this!

Thank you for loving all of our Pearl Girl designs! And thanks for supporting us!




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