Product Description

I am loving these earrings we have created! I just launched the new Lattice Pearl Earrings, a gorgeous interlaced metal design accented with a medium (7mm) pearl. Now check out these Finer Pearl Earrings! In the same way a sieve will separate the course from the fine, these earrings are a distillation of a fine pearl earring design. After we created these, I wore them daily for an added pop of refinement. The silver offers a great pop with dark and cool hair colors. These Finer Pearl Earrings feature a curved disk with dotted holes and a stud post back. We added a large (10mm) cultured pearl. They will certainly step up into the finer category of your earring collection but with a very accessible price tag!

The large curved post measures a little over .75″ in diameter and features a 10mm pearls dangling from the bottom of the post. The metal work is hand-cast in a matte silver/ rhodium plate. Because of their artistic nature, there can be slight variation in their design.

The posts are not nickel free so please be advised if you have a nickel allergy!

Unfortunately we do not have a good image of the earrings finished in silver although here is a peek at the “sieve” in silver! Thanks Pearl Girls and Pearl Guys!!

Go fine with our Finer Pearl Earrings!




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