Product Description

The Dee Vine Bracelet… a limited release pearl bracelet by The Pearl Girls!


New Product and Limited Edition Announcement! Our newest Dee Vine bracelet has very limited availability. So, if you love it, get it while you can!

A gorgeous vine of pearls, wrapped in leather, with an easy to put on and take off clasp. This gorgeous bracelet is 7.25” long and fits women with a wrist size between 6” and 7” extremely well!

So Divine!

My son Harry, the official Pearl Girls jewelry namer, loves the vine look of this bracelet. Devin, our Head of Retail Sales, loves naming The Pearl Girls jewelry after women. So here is a nod to both Devin and Harry. I love your ideas and I love a good play on words, too!
Roll out the red carpet for the Dee Vine bracelet. Yes, it wasn’t lost on me what a perfect name this is for such a divine bracelet!

The Details

The Dee Vine Bracelet by The Pearl Girls is easy to wear, gorgeous to layer and appropriate for day or evening wear. As I mentioned, this bracelet is 7.25” long… this is the same length of our stretch bracelets.With a wrist size of 6.75”, I sometimes get nervous about ordering bracelets less than 7.5” so I understand if this seems shorter than our typically length. I usually love to wear my double strand bracelet in an 8” length! However, this design works well in this length and I think you will love the length!

This bracelet is meant to be a bit more fitted and works best when it isn’t too loose on your wrist! If you prefer longer bracelets, I understand! We will be launching more bracelets soon. Thanks, Pearl Girls!!


* A big nod to our pup Midas who stars in these bracelet photos! 😊


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