Tahitian Black Pearls

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In 2014 we traveled to the cool, clear waters of French Polynesia and the home of Tahitian Pearls. Here we created an amazing relationship with a small, family-run pearl farm. We have stayed in touch with this wonderful family and they continually mail us pearls from their harvest. We take these gorgeous black pearls and incorporate them into The Pearl Girls jewelry collection.

In 2019 we returned to this magical place! We loved basking in the beautiful French Polynesia sunshine, swimming in the atoll’s lagoon and, of course, hand selecting even more pearls for our collections. These pearls are every bit of the sun and surf of paradise.

We believe it is a true gift to know where our black pearls originate. This pearl farm is incredibly environmentally conscious. They take care of the oysters and they maintain and respect the natural environment. The pearl farmer cleans the oysters by allowing the fish to eat the sea debris and wildlife that attached to the outside of the shells. It is a win win! The fish are happy and the oysters are cleaned and well maintained!

Please know all of our Tahitian pearls are of limited availability and are part 0f our curated black pearl collection. We take special requests and make special orders. Once we selected 80 pearls for one woman’s 80th birthday! Do you prefer to hand select your own Tahitian black pearls? Join us on our 2021 trip back to French Polynesia!

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Showing all 6 results