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Unique Pearl Expeditions

Our pearl travels are something that really makes us unique. We figure anyone can import pearls. There are many pearls available on the market today and many suppliers eager to export them.

But, it takes great care and compassion to actually travel the world hand-selecting the pearl suppliers we want to work with and the pearls we wish to carry in our collection.

This is part of the passion of The Pearl Girls.

Curated Like Fine Art

Our pearls are curated in the same way fine art is.

The Pearl Girls founder, India Rows, travels the world acquiring fine pearls that we use in our jewelry collections.

She loves pearls, studies them extensively and cherishes the personal satisfaction of knowing that she is choosing the pearls that will delight a child at her baptism, wow a girl on her sweet sixteenth birthday or take the breath away from a woman on her anniversary.

Fine pearls and fine memories deserve more of a personal touch. We call it the Forget Me Knot of pearls.


Now You Can Travel Too

In 2014 India launched The Pearl Girls Pearl Adventure trips allowing you to come with her and hand-select your own fine pearls from pearl farms worldwide!

Read more about these wonderful adventures here..

We hope you can one day join us on these once-in-a-lifetime trips!

In the meantime, thanks for letting us hand-select pearls for you and the wonderful women you love!

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