Our Fundraisers


In 2019, The Pearl Girls Founder India Rows had a “what if I win the lottery” moment. She decided that if she won money she would want to give it back to causes she care about. So, (spoiler alert!), she didn’t win the lottery! But, we decided to expand our 2019 fundraisers! And now, with your support, we are expanding even further in 2020


  • Shine a Light in 2020!

    There are so many causes that call to us in 2020. We have decided to create the Shine a Light program so we can shine our light on many people in need. We are donating these wonderful candles to the cause!

    These Lavender and Lace candles have the most amazing scent and are made in Athens by the Little Light Company. We paid the Little Light Company to make these for The Pearl Girls and we are selling them for $10 a piece. The $10 go directly to one of our amazing causes that we have chosen to support. See THIS PAGE for more details. And thanks for joining with us to make this light even brighter!!!


  • 2019 Fundraisers

    January, 2019 was a blast! We created the event Pearls for Project Safe. Our online customers ordered a take home “Open An Oyster Kit” and our Georgia based customers came to an event at The Pearl Girls. Check out all the photos here!

    We opened oysters, discovered pearls and created necklaces and rings from our pearls. It was amazing, tons of fun and we raised $1250 for Project Safe. Project Safe fights domestic abuse in our community and throughout northeast Georgia!


  • Foster Care

    In February we were inspired by one of our favorite organizations, the Foster Care Support Network. The Foster Care Support Network provides support for foster families. They created an event which donated jewelry and dresses to girls in foster care.

    We believe all girls deserve to feel beautiful, to know their deep beauty and to celebrate their inherent worth. The Foster Care Support Network had enough jewelry donations so we decided to create our own Foster Love Necklace to raise money to donate to the Foster Care Support Network. So far we have raised $300… and counting!

    We also created a special $500 pink pearl necklace for BreastFest Athens!


  • Special Education and Employment

    We have a dear friend (and former employee!) who fulfilled her dream of becoming a Special Ed high school teacher. She has expressed her concern that Special Education needs a stronger focus on life skills.This teacher wants her students to thrive, as best as they can, once they leave high school. So, she works hard to introduce her students to such skills as riding the bus, making change and job training.

    Since The Pearl Girls pays our jewelry makers per piece of jewelry they make, we decided to hire her students to make some stretch bracelets for us! We taught them how to make the bracelets and we gave them the opportunity to make bracelets for us! Thanks to those of you ho ordered the Dream Pearl Bracelets that these students made!

    We will pay the class the exact payment we would pay our own jewelry makers. This way their teacher will have more money to continue broadening their education. It is a win win for all of us! We love dreaming a little dream about the future endeavors of these students!

    We sold out of our Dream pearl bracelets!


  • Miles for Moms

    For our May Fundraiser, The East Georgia Cancer Coalition asked us to donate jewelry for their Miles for Moms 5K. We were excited to contribute an $89 pair of earrings… and we decided to participate, too!

    So our sweet friends, staff, customers and husbands joined us for the Miles for Mom 5K on May 4th in Athens, GA. What a joy to see the sea of pink t-shirts!! Thanks to all of you who joined us in person or in spirit! We had an amazing day and it was such a joy to raise money for the East Georgia Cancer Coalition! Go Team Pearl Girls!!


  • For the Children

    Project Renew aims to clean up dangerous munitions that still litter the Vietnamese countryside and to provide assistance to families with disabilities from bomb accidents.

    Since we took a June pearl trip to Vietnam, I was thrilled to make this our monthly fundraiser. Thanks to the many of you who purchased our Pearls for Project Renew charms, we donated $400 to this special cause.

    Do you know, that in 2001, when Project Renew was started, 72 people died from bombs in Vietnam? We dropped 8 million tons of bombs on Vietnam, which is roughly the size of New Mexico. Many of these bombs did not explode yet they are very volatile and are in risk of exploding, even now!

    Last year, in 2018, no one died from these bombs and 7000 were removed! In fact, a total of 10,000 bombs have been removed without a single accident. How? Well, Project Renew educates school children to identify these bombs and to call them in. 700 calls were received last year alone.

    Although Project Renew has a big job ahead, they know they may never be able to remove all the bombs. However they can continue to educate people so there are no more accidents. We presented our money to Chuck Searcy, the International Advisor for Project Renew. We were thrilled that The Pearl Girls could help. Thanks y’all!!!.


  • Homeless Families

    My dear son is a 2nd grader at Chase Street Elementary School. The entire second grade class did a community service project on issues affecting our area and beyond. During the presentation, I learned about homelessness in Athens, GA.

    Despite the fact that I see a large number of men begging for money on street corners, it is actually women and children that dominate the homeless community in Athens. And most of these women are fleeing domestic violence situations. The Pearl Girls staff was so thrilled to make a good homecooked meal for these women who are residents at the Athens Area Homeless Shelter.


  • Food Bank

    We rounded out the year with donations to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, girls athletic teams, and Bethlehem Ministries.


  • Past Fundraisers

    In line with our vision of supporting women and children, we have crafted fundraisers in support of causes that champion women and children. We also love supporting women who are serous about their causes.

    In 2014 we decided to donate $13,900 worth of pearls to 100 fundraising organizations.We knew this would be a stretch for our small company and yet we felt compelled to do our part.

    In 2015 through 2017 we created individual jewelry with the sole purpose of donating all the profits to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

    And in 2017 and 2018 we broadened our focus and started donating to girls sports teams after learning that girls sports are highly underfunded.


  • Thank You for Your Support

    We love hearing about where women pour their love and energy and we are excited to help any way we can.

    Simply by supporting The Pearl Girls you are supporting our fundraising efforts.

  • A Portion of Your Purchase

    We are not asking YOU for more money, we are simply choosing to donate a portion of your purchase to many great causes.

    Please reach out to us if we can help you too!

  • Makes a BIG Difference

    We think that is something both men and women can get behind.

    Because, sometimes men win our pearls in raffles and fundraisers…