Jewelry fit for a Queen

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Dame Jolie and the queen

Angelina Jolie was named an honorary dame this week and I am loving the images. The queen in her pearls and Angelina Jolie in her pearls. Pearls are jewelry fit for a queen… and a mom, a humanitarian and a movie star.

I am reminded of my mamma’s attempt to teach us table manners as a young age. She used to say, “Act like you are eating with the queen.” Imagine keeping four children, each just a year apart in age, still at the table. And then imagine getting us to eat with our mouths closed, feet off the table, etc. The threat of the queen was mamma’s last ditch effort to keep us in line!

So, I think it is only appropriate to now wonder what I might WEAR if I was actually dining with the queen. The queen is definitely a Pearl Girl so I imagine we will get along splendidly. I also love how everyone who meets the queen wears their pearls too.  Yes, pearls are definitely the choice of jewelry fit for a queen!


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  1. Both ladies look gorgeous!

  2. Hello India …
    you look fabulous I was looking at your website you are the best

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