Girl on Fire Necklace

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Meet the Girl on FIRE necklace and feel the power when you wear one of these limited edition pieces! Each of these lovely necklaces measures 36” and features beautiful gemstone crystals (spinel or tourmaline) and 11 10-13 mm beautiful fireball pearls (traditional or white) with a fun sterling silver loop clasp. The clasps allow you to wear these necklaces at full length and doubled for a completely different look.

We’ve featured both tourmaline and spinel gemstone crystals in some of our jewelry before… Most recently in our Rosie Necklace and Bethany earrings. Tourmaline comes in a range of yellow, pink, black, blue and green hues… The mix of these amazing colors paired with the white fireball pearls is so pretty!

And the jet black color and shine of spinel crystals is often mistaken for black diamonds- Need we say more? It looks beautiful with BOTH the white and traditional fireballs. We just love the subtle sparkle and glow of these gems and the way they pair so perfectly with our pearls.

More about Fireballs

Fireballs typically have a meteor-like tail, but these pearls are slightly baroque and closer to round. Similar to Edison Pearls, fireballs have the same crinkly surface and beautiful luster. They are cultured in the Yangtze River Delta- the overflows of the third longest river in the world. These pearls are stunning on their own, but the contrast of the tiny and shiny faceted spinel and tourmaline crystals only help highlight their beauty.

We only have three of these, so hurry and snag a Girl on FIRE Necklace with $30 off this week only!


White Fireball & Spinel Necklace, 36″, Sterling Silver Clasp

White Fireball & Tourmaline Necklace, 36″, Sterling Silver Clasp

Fireball & Spinel Necklace, 36″, Sterling Silver Clasp


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