Product Description

What is the feeling of forever that you sense from the Eternity Necklace? In my time wearing this necklace I have felt a sense of togetherness, infinity, love and marriage. Maybe it serves as a talisman of hope and togetherness. There is something about these two interlocking hoops that reminds us of commitment and love.

One thing I can attest to is how this necklace was most definitely made with love, in the studio of metal artist Sylvia Dawe. She and I met together to sort out the important details of how thick the rings should be (substantial but light), how heavy the chain should be (dainty but not fragile) and what pearls should adorn this beautiful piece. The result is a truly stunning piece, a lovely custom created necklace by The Pearl Girls!

Sylvia is an indispensable artist at The Pearl Girls and responsible for custom creating many of our metal pieces. Although we excel in beadwork, knotting and stringing, our staff lacked the skill in forging metal. Sylvia joined our team and changed so much for us. Now, we create custom settings for pearls, custom rings and a variety of custom earrings. She also keeps our shop up to date with new styles and designs. We are so excited to see all the designs she creates with our amazing pearls. Thanks, Sylvia!

Enjoy this beautiful Eternity necklace! Choose between 14k gold fill or sterling silver. 18".




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