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Show Your Colors!

Oh, the beauty of these Tahitian Black Pearl Necklaces. We have exactly two of these beauties available! This is a refined and beautiful necklace and yet I am guilty of wearing mine very single day! How will you wear your pearls? Will you wear them to work everyday? On Saturdays with bluejeans and a black top? Or will you save them for that killer outfit and the amazing night on the town? No matter how you choose to wear your Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace, you are guaranteed to turn heads.

I think this price is going to turn your head, too! This is an amazing deal!!

18" with Twist Crystal Clasp

This necklace is a perfect display of the extraordinary colors of Tahitian pearls. I often wonder why they are called black pearls. Their color range is so much richer than a simple black tone. They are layered with colors and tones ranging from black to silver to green and mauve. They shine from within with a soft glow and presence. No wonder they are called power pearls. They certainly illuminate an inner radiance. That's right, just like you!!

And, did I mention the price? It is almost unheard of to get a strand this beautiful for only $1000!!

The Pearl Farm

Maybe you will not have a chance to join one of our amazing Pearl Girls Adventure trips or forge your own adventure to exotic pearl farms, but you do have access to the lovely pearls curated from this amazing and remote pearl farm. Sure I am biased, but when you see these pearls, plucked from the South Pacific Ocean where they were tended with care and knotted to perfection by our pearl knotters...well, you will know you have something of value. Something worthy of wearing and sharing with your loved ones.

Limited Availability

Well, these Tahitian Pearl Necklace are not for everyone, they cannot be! We have exactly two available in this style and price point. This strand features circles Tahitian pearls ranging in size from 11-13mm. The pearls are circled. They are finished with our signature twist crystal clasp.

If you want a taste of gorgeous black pearls that we personally selected for you, dive into the luxury of the amazing hues and slight baroque beauty of this Tahitan Black Pearl Necklace.

Hand knotted on black silk and created with love in Athens, GA. This necklaces features 11-13mm circled Tahitian black pearls. The strand is 18" but can be lengthened or shortened, if you prefer!

We are so appreciative to have been featured in Southern Living magazine multiple times. As they say at Southern Living,"Whether black, gray, gold, or pink, colored pearls in any form make a luxurious addition to a jewelry collection.  They're our go-to when we want a dramatic look."


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